deaccessioning Services

Jane Jackson Art + Object
handles every detail of deaccessioning.

Whether you’re growing your collection, building wealth, or creating legacy through philanthropy, the first step in the deaccessioning process is always to evaluate your items and understand your goals. Jane personally handles every step from the initial consultation to negotiating commissions to ensuring that all discounts and funds are properly applied to your account. She can also work with your estate attorney or financial advisor to align you deaccessioning strategy with your financial plans.

Sales & Donations

Are you ready to deaccession now? To get started, send an email letting us know what you have. Please include recent appraisals, photos, and any additional information you have about your artwork or fine collectibles. We’ll contact you to schedule a time to discuss your options and next steps.


Jane Jackson Art + Object provides invaluable guidance in planning for future deaccessioning of your collection. We’ll work with you as well as your estate attorney or financial planner to create a strategy for taking care of your collection and maximizing your investment. To learn more, schedule a consultation. Please include a brief description of the scope and focus of your collection.

You probably have questions

When it comes to successful deaccessioning, there are many variables that impact results. Here are just a few of the details we take into consideration in developing a plan for the strongest results.

Should you sell or donate?

Part of every deaccessioning strategy is determining whether the proceeds of a sale or the tax savings of donation will offer you a stronger financial result.

How do you find a buyer?

Jane Jackson has extensive experience and a wide network of connections among auction houses, galleries, and private buyers. She understands the strengths of each venue, how to approach the gate openers.

When and where should you sell or donate?

The art market is constantly influenced by shifting trends and current events. An item with little demand in the U.S. may be massively hot in Europe. And a major exhibition can pique current desire for that lesser-known piece in your collection. Jane keeps track of these factors and considers both optimal timing and location in crafting the strongest strategy for your deaccessioning plan.

How do you donate?

Museums often have specific areas of focus and strict criteria for donations. We work with you to identify museums or educational institutions that will be delighted to receive your gift.

How do you make sure your items show well?

Because Jane understands how the process works, she also knows how to present works of art and other valuable items to their best advantage. Her services include negotiating the details that influence how well an item shows such as photography, the length and quality of catalog essays, placement, and previews.

How are the fees determined?

Because Jane Jackson Art + Object represents a variety of clients, we can have more negotiating power than an individual in negotiating auction terms. Our fee structure may be either a flat fee or commission-based and are determined on the total value of the sale. However, we believe in financial transparency, so you will know what to expect and receive timely updates at every stage of the process.

Collect with Passion Seminar

Twice a year, Jane Jackson Art + Object partners with prominent museum curators for this special educational seminar series. Designed to empower and encourage new collectors, Collect with Passion will guide you to discover your passions, and teach you how to build bespoke collections that reflect your unique interests and tastes. You’ll learn the intricacies of the art market, so that can make informed purchasing decisions that fit your budget. You’ll also learn about the proper physical maintenance of art and objects, as well as what documents you need to retain for insurance or future deaccessioning.

Upcoming Dates:

April 15, 2023
November 4, 2023

Collect with Passion is an exclusive seminar series offered to a limited number of participants.